Equality is giving everyone shoes. Equity is giving everyone shoes that fit.

Helping Industry Achieve Its Goal

Clinical Ambassador is where patient recruitment meets DEI. We change the narrative to produce empowered engagement and real, bona fide reach that optimizes your efficiencies. We help you communicate about research, transforming scientific jargon into cultural competence, relatability and real-life relevance. Connecting with people to make research meaningful to them is where the magic happens. And it happens to be our baileywick and sweet spot.

Clinical Ambassador leads your team to improve the representation of patients historically excluded from clinical trials. We also provide team oversight that allows your company to embed robust principles in its infrastructure that undergird the corporate DEI practices and do not come across as window dressings.

Clinical Ambassador engages people, creates an atmosphere of confidence, motivation and empowerment, and creates more leverage to enroll your studies with inclusion and diversity.  We address the wide spectrum of social and cultural concerns to achieve enrollment balance and metrics that matter.

We are intentional about helping clients build connections, relationships, and reputations. After all, authenticity is about aligning actions with values. It takes more than lip-service to build bridges and confront persistent inequities and disparities. Our diplomatic services help optimize your capacity for trustworthiness that comes across through effective communication. The change will be felt across therapeutic areas, cultural divides, and end-users. Tapping into our other specialty of curated, compelling content provides a potpourri of solutions that "real" people will relate and respond to.

What would it be worth to know that your messages are getting across to their intended audiences? What would it mean to have deliverables tailored to meet their needs? From now on, impeccable patient recruitment solutions scaled to address local and global needs by simply hitting the right notes are at your fingertips. Just press "go."


Patient Centricity X Community Engagement

Clinical Ambassador ensures patient voice in the research design process. We support decentralized trials to ensure the human touch is not lost. We meet underserved populations where they are and prioritize community engagement with a full menu of connectivity solutions. Our DEI strategies are investments in relationships— the foundation of trust and better health outcomes.

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Addressing Persistent Gaps

Recently, more than 30,000 individuals participated in FDA-approved clinical trials that result in the availability of new drugs. Of those, 29% were women, 7% Hispanic, 3.2% black or African American, and 2% Asian. By contrast, the 2020 US Census confirms that women comprised 51%, Hispanics 18.5%, black or African American 12.2%, and Asians 5.6% of total US population.

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Breaking Down Barriers

People face all types of hurdles when it comes to participating in clinical trials. We also know that these factors—from industry-made to the social determinants of health— contribute directly to underrepresentation and further marginalization. We help mitigate these barriers by identifying opportunities that make it easier for people to participate, on a study-by-study basis, and guarantee that the people who need access moswill not be blind to these opportunities. Clinical Ambassador addresses systemic obstacles head-on by providing the following:

  • Recruitment messaging that creates peak awareness with understanding
  • Language interpretation/translation services to improve research literacy
  • Transportation coordination when in-person study visits are necessary
  • Troubleshooting technical issues that may arise during study partiipation

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