We Bring


We deliver inclusive engagement solutions that foster equity, empathy, and belonging across differences.


Our diverse talent pool allows you to become more adaptive to an increasingly diverse patient base because we— and now you— better understand their needs.


Via validated metrics and checkpoints, we deliver scalable ways to ensure that organizations' DEI initiatives reflect and respect real-life and the minority experience.


Building upon our foundational infrastructure of education increases your acumen and equips organizations with DEI that permeates the research space.


Our ability to connect with people more deeply allows for brilliant success based on community input, mutual respect, and relationships that benefit all stakeholders.


Our guidance ensures that you avoid common mistakes while losing the fear of failure and embracing the process.


We build products and services that mean more to your market because they're solid and sustainable over time.

Who We Are

To be clear: Who we are is simply a factor of who we have been— from the beginning. Clinical Ambassador is not part of the "Johnny-come-lately" bandwagon of entities that are only now embracing the critical importance of patient diversity in clinical trials. We've been pushing this work uphill since the early nineties, and long before the silver lining of the coronavirus pandemic made diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) trendy.

Despite new, more widespread "wokeness" across the industry— plus the push for more decentralized clinical trials (DCTs) as an "accessibility equalizer"— it could not be more important in today's research representation calculus that we not sacrifice human interaction for the sake of expediency. Human interaction is more important than ever.

Between each of us, we have been in this rarified air for more than four decades. Clinical Ambassador is a team of clinical research professionals and health equity advocates who are passionate about innovative approaches to connecting patients with the right clinical trials and supporting their end-to-end experiences. We love to create fresh ways to communicate big ideas to new audiences. Our corporate remit is to improve the lives of the underrepresented and underserved.

Our team is dedicated to improving the diversity and proportional representation of patients from historically excluded groups in clinical trials. Our capabilities center on providing corporate oversight for embedding representative clinical research principles across the clinical trial lifecycle and designing strategies to evolve the process. Clients that become more knowledgeable about fulfilling inclusivity obligations become better patients, and drive innovative thinking, organizational change, and work with real impact.

Our experience includes public health research consistently focused on racial, ethnic, and gender related disparities in healthcare access and health outcomes.

Leadership Team


Allison Kalloo, MPH

Founder/President & CEO

Allison founded Clinical Ambassador to broaden access between research entities and real people. Ms. Kalloo has been committed to addressing disparities and to DEI, clinical research and public health for decades. She is also passionate about world travel, international vegan cuisine, the arts, design, and all things creative.

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Harry Ball

Vice President - Operations

Harry has lent his lengthy resume in business management and operations to helping run Clinical Ambassador for the last decade. Harry holds degrees in mass communication and computer science. He is also passionate about basketball, playing guitar, and hanging out with his two grandchildren.

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Kristina Isaac

Vice President - Business Development

Kristina has over 11 years of industry experience and provides invaluable knowledge of client needs— including educating the industry on DEI and health disparities. Her strong project and operations management experience helps drive our stellar business performance. Kristina also has a passion for community outreach and for music in equal measure.

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Raymond Ezell, RN, CRA

Vice President - Clinical

Raymond was a registered nurse before joining the industry as a clinical research assistant and monitor. His expertise across multiple indications spans 30 years and lends invaluable insights to our client deliverables. Raymond is also passionate about family and being a life coach.


Our Research Champions Have Set the Stage & Raised the Bar

  • Ambassadors are hired to connect directly with other members of their local communities
  • Ambassadors reach out to churches and other nonprofit organizations to advocate, educate & recruit
  • Ambassadors monitor chats & social media chatter to heighten patient communication
  • Ambassadors create original content and connections tailored to demographic areas & patient markets
  • Ambassadors provide an additional layer of support to patients as they navigate, screen for, and participate in studies
  • Ambassadors assist study sites by monitoring patient contact and troubleshooting as necessary
  • Ambassadors facilitate focus groups, call centers, and design charrettes for informed patient recruitment & retention

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