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Our Clinical Ambassador concept was first. It's always been based on cultural competency, facts, and human contact.

As part of the patient community we seek to serve, we knew then that people will always be a necessary component and the only way to ensure authenticity in patient voice and representation from marginalized communities of color. Ambassadors are our liaisons who shorten the distance between science and community and provide communication and support that is trustworthy because it's relatable. This required familiar faces then, and it requires them now— especially as a way of buffering the chasm created by virtual technology and decentralized trials (DCTs). Nowadays, human contact and diplomacy are more critically important than ever for building and sustaining trust and overcoming hesitancy.

Our ambassador model capitalizes on a rare combination of cultural sensitivity, creativity, patient-crafted communication, and direct community connection. In this high-tech world, Clinical Ambassador harnesses the power of human interaction to address disparities head-on and build a trustworthy case for study participation in communities of color and other underrepresented populations.Our Ambassadors are trained on clinical research and your studies in particular, but they also understand culture and mindsets, historical context, points of impact, and what it takes to get through to real people. Our Ambassadors can be used to coach your study teams, recommend efforts, connect with community partners, develop customized campaigns, and a cadre of other special assignments.

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