Clinical Ambassador:

DEI in Patient Recruitment & Community Engagement


Clinical Ambassador bridges gaps between 

the research industry and communities of color— 

navigating these worlds seamlessly.

What We Do


Recruitment Strategy

Clinical Ambassador consults on minority engagement best practices matched to your study's indication and disease prevalence and rigs your studies for success.

Community Engagement

Clinical Ambassador also provides hands-on tactics to enhance community exposure and create opportunities of impact in real-time.

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First Point-of-Contact

Clinical Ambassador has a dedicated call center with expanded access to curated information and pre-screenings by trained, live Ambassadors.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Clinical Ambassador specializes in DEI, providing presentations, webinar trainings, team assessments & corporate communications.

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Patient Advocacy

Clinical Ambassador interfaces with PAGs to ensure culturally-relevant, patint-centric options that better prepare and support participants.

Targeted Creative

Clinical Ambassador develops curated content & campaigns that enhance relatability and reflect the cultural sensibilities of diverse audiences.

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Patient Education

Clinical Ambassador has on-demand, customizable, white-labeled education for peak understanding & effectiveness with minorities.

Focus Groups

Clinical Ambassador facilitates market research with patients and organizations that guides better decisions and interactions.

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Measurable change. Meaningful connections.

Access, connections, and a better view. Guaranteed.

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Bespoke DEI strategies that dramatically enhance access to , For, and with underrepresented communities.

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